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Core advantages


Product service advantages of the whole industry chain

The company takes optical storage media as an entry point, develops optical storage devices and solutions, and forms the whole industry chain product technology along with the technology and industrial development path the "media-device-solution".

The company’s disposable Blu-ray storage media (BD-R) integrates the key formula and production process of inorganic recording layer materials and reflective layer materials for high-performance data optical storage, achieving the only domestic Blu-ray storage enterprise with independent intellectual property rights, applies industrialization to commercial big data storage and archive-level. It realizes the autonomous controllability of the core technology of optical storage media and is in a leading position in China.

 Continuous innovation strength

The company is a leading optical storage technology enterprise in China. After long-term independent R&D accumulation, the company can continuously research and develop updated optical storage products and services. Meanwhile, it can respond to the customized and professional needs of downstream customers effectively and quickly, provide customers with a wider range of solutions.


Autonomous controllability advantages of the whole series of products

The company is the only optical storage enterprise (only nine in the world) with BD-R bottom-layer coding strategy certified by the International Blu-ray Alliance in mainland China and has the technological innovation strength of bottom-layer Blu-ray storage media.

The company is a pioneer enterprise in promoting intelligent cold and hot tiering storage management in the big data era in China. It has independently developed a series of Blu-ray data storage systems, and the overall technology has reached the domestic advanced level. The company's optical storage products have the unique advantages such as high safety and reliability, long storage life, environmental-friendly energy saving, low unit storage costs, and achieve autonomous controllability in media, software, and hardware.

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