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Amethystum shows its unique Intelligent Family Cloud Storage Server Photoegg on Shenzhen Gift Fair

Shenzhen Gifts Fair has been held for the 29th since it was founded in 1993, passed UFI (Global Exhibition Industry Association) certification in 2005, and is known as the “China Gifts and Home Furnishing Flagship Exhibition”.

As a large-scale and prestigious trade fair for gifts and household products in China, Shenzhen Gifts and Home Fair has become the first choice for professional purchasing platform for business gifts, promotional gifts, annual festival welfare gifts, fashionable household products, and points membership gifts in China and Asia-Pacific region. Create trading, display, and communication platforms for more manufacturers and traders to help optimize the industry and lead the development of the industry.



On October 21-24, 2021, Shenzhen Amethystum Storage exhibits Photoegg, a smart home cloud storage server with unique Blu-ray burning function. The minimalist style of the funny egg and unique Blu-ray recording and storage technology have triggered many dealers and users to stop by our booth and communicate.



In the exhibition hall, our colleagues are actively welcoming every customer who stops, and introduce and explain the product functions of photoegg, and let more buyers have a more comprehensive and in-depth understanding of us, which promotes future exchanges and cooperation.



With the upgrading of consumption, users’ shopping choices have become more diverse, from the initial cost-effective to the unity of the product’s own functionality and emotional attributes.

Amethystum continues to explore urgent needs of core consumer groups and carry out in-depth innovation.

● Security risks

At present, many platforms bugs have led to photo leakage and information leakage. Amethystum Photoegg’s private cloud server features communication encryption, data encryption, can fully protect data security.

● Long-term storage

The service life of ordinary hard disks is 5-10 years. Amethystum Blu-ray Disc has been professionally tested and has the characteristics of high stability, anti-magnetic storm, and long storage period. It is an ideal choice for long-term data storage and backup.

● Data sharing

When the network is powered on, it can be controlled remotely through the Amethystum Family Cloud APP at any time. The family sharing circle function provides a convenient way of data sharing for all members who join the server. The data transmitted to the sharing circle can be seen by all members.



Amethystum’s appearance at the Shenzhen Gift Show this time is to show more secure and reliable storage products to consumers across the country and even the world, and to show more dealers and consumers the company’s image and technical advantages, thereby promoting the internationalization process of the brand.



China is a country of etiquette. Business communication, employee welfare, and family care are all inseparable from “etiquette”. Amethystum photoegg can also meet the gift needs of business customers. The products are suitable for groups of all ages, levels and industries. The product is as light as 447g, which suits various home styles and freely enjoy information security.



In the future, we will keep our original intentions in mind, always maintain high standards for product quality, and use products to convey the concept of “long-term secure storage of information” to every user, always adhere to research and innovation, and strive to provide customers around the world with excellent quality home intelligent storage server, to be the leading brand of storage products.

Post time: Oct-31-2021

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