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On June 15th, the 30th China (Shenzhen) International Gifts and Household Products Exhibition opened at Shenzhen Bao’an International Convention and Exhibition Center.

Amethystum Storage exhibited its unique Blu-ray recordable storage products and demonstrated its unique Blu-ray recordable storage technology, which attracted many dealers and consumers to stop at booth and communicate.

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As the first storage company listed on the Sci-Tech innovation board(STAR Market), Amethystum Storage is a leading high-tech optical storage company in China, providing solutions for big data storage. Independent research and development of Blu-ray storage media with independent intellectual property rights, the application fields cover government, Internet, medical, archives, education, energy and other fields.

At present, Amethystum has participated in the preparation of 3 national standards, 4 industry standards, and 1 local standard, owns 89 patents, 114 software copyrights, and has won a number of storage awards. It has reached strategic cooperation with the Hangzhou Intermediate People’s Court, Sun Yat-Sen University National Supercomputing Guangzhou Center, H3C Group, Hangzhou First People’s Hospital and many other government and enterprise institutions.

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Amethystum Storage Group has produced large-scale storage devices for government and enterprise, banks, and launched personal private clouds for individual consumers to meet the growing storage needs of consumers.

With the popularization of smart devices and the advent of the 5G era, the amount of data generated by each household has grown exponentially, and massive documents, photos, and videos have become a pain point for everyone to store. The evolution of the memory of mobile phones from 64G to 1T proves that the current memory has been unable to meet the needs of users for storage.

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Common storage products include traditional storage device hard disks, U disks, and gradually developed network disks, NAS, and private cloud storage. Traditional storage devices cannot support the rapid sharing of data; and network disks are excluded from personal and home storage due to security and other factors. NAS is relatively complicated for ordinary people to get started with, and it is difficult to get started. Amethystum private cloud storage has the characteristics of high stability, high privacy, and ease of use, making it one of the best choices for storage.

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In 2022, Amethystum will fully upgrade its products and make storage products that are more in line with user habits. Running CPU upgrades, hardware upgrades, software upgrades… Realize the deep involution of personal storage products, and make private cloud storage that users are satisfied with.

At this Gift Fair, Amethyst Storage has exposed three new products in advance, including the private cloud basic model A1, which supports 2.5-inch and 3.5-inch hard drives, allowing consumers to experience the benefits of private cloud at the lowest cost, upgraded versions M1 and M1 pro, supports dual-disk hard disk and Blu-ray recording, to meet the deeper and higher-capacity storage needs of some consumers, and Blu-ray recording driver K1, supports multi-device plug and play, one-key recording, comes with USB2.0 and HDMI high-definition interface, compatible with multiple devices, which makes consumers have more storage options for massive data.

Meanwhile, Amethystum Storage develops an operating system to better meet user usage habits. It supports automatic file backup and classification management, therefore, existing data can be centrally managed and no longer scattered. It supports the realization of mobile phone, computer, hard disk, and USB storage in various ways, and the data is centralized in Amethystum private cloud storage, which can be accessed and used at any time, and also supports online viewing of massive photos and videos, etc., allows users to save time in multi-scenario applications of life and work.

In addition, the operating system supports the common use of multiple people and multiple accounts, the space is divided freely, the accounts are independent of each other, and the data is isolated from each other. The sharing circle also provides a simplified family private cloud, which simplifies the steps of family sharing – after sharing the organized photos and videos, users on the other end can view them directly in the sharing circle.

With Amethystum private cloud storage, you only need to connect the power supply and network cable to the device, you can remotely access and connect globally. You do not need to carry storage devices when you go out, and you can use your mobile phone or computer to extract and use your own storage data at any time.

Compared with other storage products, Amethystum private cloud storage is equipped with a Blu-ray burner and can be expanded infinitely. Amethystum Storage’s professional optical storage technology allows data to be backed up twice. Baby growth records, family life records, work files, etc., once recorded, cannot be tampered with, ensuring data security, making time visible, and ideal for long-term preservation. The data stored in the server can be burned to Blu-ray at any time, and the secondary backup of data storage is provided to ensure the long-term preservation of precious data, which is more secure, private and long-term.

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In the field of private cloud, Amethystum focuses on making products that even greenhand can easily get started with, and making private cloud storage that everyone can use. Smart devices and 5G technology are advancing, and so is storage.

Amethystum will continue to aim at a century-old enterprise, take customer information and data security as its own responsibility, focus on professional storage products, and become a trusted choice for users.

Post time: Jun-28-2022

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